Imossi Model Management is a UK Modelling agency and celebrity agent that connects top talent in fashion and entertainment with leading international brands across the globe.

The agency is quickly growing and expanding into key markets such as London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Greece, India Malaysia, Hong Kong and many more whilst working with other top celebrity agents/agency’s building great business relationships. We work with numerous high-end fashion brands across the world such as Vogue and other international fashion hubs and media outlets.

We’ve also teamed up with fashion week shows such as VIE fashion week, International fashion week, becoming their head agent, supplying models and fashion designers to even celebrity to their fashion shows globally.

We have some of the best new faces and the most established fashion models with global recognition from different model specifications, in areas such as to commercial, catwalk, fashion, catalogue and tattoo modelling.

Darren Imossi launched the agency to represent a wide diversity of models. He has many years of experience and has an extensive knowledge of the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry.

Darren knows the importance of having an agent, from him being an international model himself, he knows how hard the industry can be and wants to bring a new fresh platform to models alike.

The agency has become known as having a natural eye for finding talent and building dynamic careers. Our aim is to transition from fashion to film seamlessly while being guided by Imossi Model Management.

Imossi Model management will try to get every Model paid Work around the world and because we believe in all our clients and put their interest first, we will continue to focus on making our each client dreams come true.